Energy Management -- A Small System Approach

Energy Management - A Small System Approach was developed by the Maryland Center for Environmental Training’s (MCET) Technical Assistance providers who have a significant amount of experience providing assistance to small – medium systems in Maryland. MCET recognizes the challenges faced by smaller utilities and developed this training with that in mind.

This outreach is an attempt to bring energy management to those systems in a practical manner. 

Audience:       These course materials and Powerpoint presentations are primarily for practitioners and trainers who train operators, superintendents, town managers and municipal officials in the water and wastewater field. 

Approach:       This course had been developed to provide students with an approach to manage energy conservation at the plant level. The course uses a step-by-step methodology to identify, implement, measure, and improve energy efficiency at wastewater treatment utilities. The five links/modules include: 

  1. Energy Conservation – Small WWTP’s Biological Processes
  2. Definitions, Formulas and Basic Concepts
  3. The Energy Management Plan
  4. Performing an Audit and Assessing Data
  5. Process & Equipment – ECM’s

Specifically, this course will look at the processes, at what each device does, and determine how some energy costs may be reduced by controlling the process and equipment. Additionally, the training modules discuss some of limitations found when looking at potential conservation measures, especially for wastewater treatment plants moving from Biological Nutrient Removal (BNR) to Enhance Nutrient Removal (ENR). 

Priority:          Remember that the primary function is to be always in compliance with state and federal regulations, regulations relating to the NPDES permit and the Safe Drinking Water Act.

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