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Asset Management Guide for Wastewater Utilities
Train-the-Trainer Toolkit

Welcome to the Asset Management Guide for Wastewater Utilities Train-The-Trainer Toolkit.  This page is a road map to help you more quickly navigate the downloadable files on Asset Management.

The toolkit is organized to allow instruction in the principles of asset management and, where applicable, the corresponding section of TEAMS.  The modular format of the presentation materials allows the principles and the corresponding section on TEAMS to be given sequentially or individually as two distinct offerings.  The toolkit was prepared in this manner to allow flexibility in instruction.  The toolkit can be downloaded and placed in a binder using the Tabs to organize the content.

Training Medium:  This toolkit is designed for instructor delivery to a group of participants, or as a self-paced interactive presentation for use by an individual. Each module has a PowerPoint presentation and a trainers guide.

Module Length:  Each module shall run approximately one hour. 

Pre-requisites:  Module One - An Asset Management Overview, should be completed first.  All other modules can be completed in any order.

To view the some of our training documents Adobe® PDF file, you will need the Adobe® Reader®. It is free and available for download at the Adobe® Web site.

Train-the-Trainer Toolkit Sections

The toolkit consists of five sections:

PrefaceThe preface contains credits, an introduction, and table of contents for the manual.  It is in .PDF format.

Tab 1:  MS PowerPoint presentations and PDF handouts explaining  asset management principles.  The slides are organized into seven modules, each designed to be presented in fifty minutes.

Module 1 Presentation Module 2 Presentation
Module 3 Presentation Module 4 Presentation
Module 5 Presentation Module 6 Presentation

Module 7 Presentation

The instructor is free to tailor presentations by adding additional slides to the presentation.  Handouts may be made by printing directly from the presentations by selecting “Print” and then choosing “Handouts.”  This allows the instructor to choose the number of slides appearing on each page.

Each presentation has a corresponding set of instructor notes.

Module 1 Instructor Notes Module 2 Instructor Notes
Module 3 Instructor Notes Module 4 Instructor Notes
Module 5 Instructor Notes Module 6 Instructor Notes

Module 7 Instructor Notes

Tab 2 MS PowerPoint presentations and PDF handouts pertaining to the set up and operation of the Total Electronic Asset Management System (TEAMS) software.  The slides are organized into seven modules, each dealing with one of the corresponding asset management principles.

TEAMS Module 1 Presentation TEAMS Module 2 Presentation
TEAMS Module 3 Presentation TEAMS Module 4 Presentation
TEAMS Module 5 Presentation TEAMS Module 6 Presentation

TEAMS Module 7 Presentation

Each presentation has a corresponding set of instructor notes.

TEAMS Module 1 Instructor Notes TEAMS Module 2 Instructor Notes
TEAMS Module 3 Instructor Notes TEAMS Module 4 Instructor Notes
TEAMS Module 5 Instructor Notes TEAMS Module 6 Instructor Notes

TEAMS Module 7 Instructor Notes

Tab 3:  TEAMS Users’ Guide.  The Users’ Guide is a manual for TEAMS software.  It is in .PDF format.

Tab 4:  Resources.  The Resource Guides section contains publications and web sites pertaining to asset management.  It is in .PDF format.

Tab 5:  Set up of TEAMS Software.  This section contains information on the installation, set up and operation of Total Electronic Asset Management Systems (TEAMS) software.  It also contains the terms under which the recipient may use the software.

Handbook for Local Officials As a bonus, your Asset Management Toolkit package includes the publication, “Drinking Water and Wastewater Handbook for Local Officials.”  This handy reference is filled with “need-to-know” information and is very useful in explaining the legal and technical requirements for the treatment, storage, and distribution of drinking water and the collection, treatment, and discharge of wastewater.

We trust that you will find this toolkit useful.  Should you have any questions or comments about it, please contact MCET at or 301-934-7500.

This toolkit was produced by the Maryland Center for Environmental Training (MCET), a department of the College of Southern Maryland, under a grant from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).  The link below provides acknowledgements to the individuals involved in this project.

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