Maryland Groundwater Symposium

28th Annual Maryland Groundwater Symposium

 September 26th, 2019

 Martin's West, Baltimore.


This annual event provides a forum for groundwater professionals and stakeholder from around the State to exchange information and promote the protection of Maryland’s groundwater resources.

Throughout the day, there will be 30-minute presentations on aspects of groundwater management and research, including but not limited to the following topics: Water Supply Planning; Water Quality and Drinking Water Supply; Wellhead Protection; Sustainable Rates of Water Use; Water Resource Management; Demand Management and Water Conservation; Water Related Public Health Issues; Water Reuse; Aquifer Studies/Interactions with Surface Water; Stormwater Management for Groundwater Protection; Innovative On-site Wastewater Management; Case Studies of Problem Wells and Septic Systems; Historical Perspectives on Groundwater Protections and Management; Contamination Monitoring and Clean-up; and Emerging Contaminants, E.G. PFOA and PFOs.

Training Cost: $30/person
(This event is full)
Join us for a continental breakfast and lunch.

Certificates of Attendance, for Environmental Health Specialists, Maryland Professional Engineers, and other Environmental Professionals, 
will be provided by the College of Southern Maryland.

Request for Accommodations: Should accommodations be required, a written request should be e-mailed to a minimum of 21 days prior to the Symposium. 

Training Location/Directions

Martin's West
6817 Dogwood Road

Baltimore, MD 21244

This training event is hosted by the Maryland Department of the Environment.

Registrations are handled by the Maryland Center for Environmental Training.

Contact: Karen L. Brandt
Telephone: 301-934-7500