Schedule of Classes

Training Schedule - All Classes are TRE approved 

  • Due to COVID-19 for the 2021 spring schedule we will continue to offer our classes as a virtual delivery program 

For the virtual classroom, students will need:

  • An internet connection, one computer (or tablet) per person, speakers and a microphone OR telephone access for sound only; and a webcam 
  • To get credit for this training, the participant must be present in the virtual classroom for the entire session, participate in the training, and must take the final quiz.
  • Please note we have the right to remove you from our virtual classroom

MCET will be updating this web page as each class is confirmed. 

MCET will be constantly monitoring enrollment and will regularly add classes to the schedule. 
Cost: listed plus college fees

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1/19/2021Chlorination Technology
TRE 5905-16-05: All Operators (Process)
$129Confirmed to Run!Online Registration Here
1/20/2021Concepts of Drinking Water Treatment
TRE 3819-06-07: WT All; WD (Process)
$129Confirmed to Run!Online Registration Here
1/26/2021Enhanced Nutrient Removal with Fixed Film Processes
TRE 5343-13-02: WW All; IW All (Process)
$129Confirmed to Run!Online Registration Here
1/27/2021Advanced Disinfection Technologies for Water/Wastewater Operations
TRE 6218-17-08: All WW; IWW; All WT; WD (Process)
$129Confirmed to Run!Online Registration Here
2/2/2021Preventing Workplace Violence
TRE 2458-02-04: All Operators, All Superintendents (Non-Process)
$129Confirmed to Run!Online Registration Here
2/3/2021Basic Concepts of Wastewater Treatment
TRE 4874-11-02: WW 1-6; S&A; IW All (Process)
$129Online Registration Here
2/16/2021Principles of Wastewater Treatment Processes
TRE 6465-18-10; All WW, IWW, WWC (Process)
$129Online Registration Here
2/17/2021Basic Microscopy for Wastewater Operators
TRE 2276-01-04: All Operators (Process)
$129Online Registration Here
2/24/2021Well Systems - An Introduction to Operation and Maintenance
TRE 1099-94-10: WT All; WD (Process)
$129Online Registration Here
2/25/2021Excavation Safety - Trenching and Shoring
TRE 1879-99-03: All Operators, All Superintendents (Non-Process)
$129Online Registration Here
3/2/2021Leading the Millennials
TRE Pending: All Operators, All Superintendents (NP)
$129Online Registration Here
3/3/2021Lessons Learned: Process Optimization Based on ENR Case Studies
TRE 6019-16-11: WW 3, 5, A; IWW 5, 6 (Process)
$129Online Registration Here
3/10/2021Ultraviolet Disinfection
TRE 3889-06-11: All Operators (Process)
$129Online Registration Here
3/11/2021Teams; Teamwork; and Team Building
TRE 4367-08-12: All Operators, All Superintendents (Non-Process)
$129Online Registration Here
3/16/2021Collection System Cleaning and Maintenance
TRE 5128-12-06: Operators All WW, IWW, WWC (Non-Process)
$129Online Registration Here
3/17/2021Small Water Systems
TRE 4302-08-06: WT All (Process)
$129Online Registration Here
3/18/2021Confined Space Entry
TRE 1832-98-11: All Operators (Non-Process)
$129Online Registration Here
3/18/2021Groundwater Treatment Options
TRE 6020-16-11: All WT (Process)
$129Online Registration Here
3/30/2021Water and Wastewater Chemical Feed Applications and Process Control
TRE 6670-19-11-A: All Operators (Process)
$129Online Registration Here
3/31/2021Instrumentation and Control Basics
TRE 6161-17-06: All Operators (Non-Process)
$129Online Registration Here
4/1/2021Mechanical Maintenance and the Operator
TRE 6018-16-11: All Operators (Non-Process)
$129Online Registration Here
4/6/2021Managing Multiple Priorities in the Water and Wastewater Industry
TRE 5664-15-03: All Operators, All Superintendents (Non-Process)
$129Online Registration Here
4/7/2021Hydrology Source and Water Conservation
TRE 2461-02-04: WT All; WD (Process)
$129Online Registration Here
4/8/2021Legal Liability -Operator and Superintendent
TRE 5318-13-01: All Operators, All Superintendents (Non-Process)
$129Online Registration Here
4/13/2021Activated Sludge Design Criteria and Performance Standards
TRE 5661-15-03: WW 3-6 S&A; IWW 3-7 (Process)
$129Online Registration Here
4/14/2021Disinfection through Chlorination
TRE 6667-19-11-A, All Operators (Process)
$129Online Registration Here
4/15/2021Chemical Treatment
TRE 6021-16-11: All WW; All IWW; All WT (Process)
$129Online Registration Here
4/20/2021Process Management through Chemical Resource Conservation
TRE 3818-06-07: All Operators (Process)
$129Online Registration Here
4/21/20215 Common-Sense Practices of Well-Run Water/Wastewater Facilities
TRE 4685-09-11: All Operators (Process)
$129Online Registration Here
4/22/2021Respiratory Protection
TRE 2671-02-11: All Operators (Non-Process)
$129Online Registration Here
4/27/2021Operation of Sequencing Batch Reactors for Nutrient Removal
TRE 6555-19-05: WWT; IWW Only (Process)
$129Online Registration Here
4/29/2021Applied Process Mathematics
TRE 6026-16-11: All Operators (Process)
$129Online Registration Here
5/4/2021Process and Performance Troubleshooting
TRE 3887-06-11: WW All; IW All; WC All (Process)
$129Online Registration Here
5/4/2021Peracetic Acid Applications Technology in the W/WW Process
TRE: 6712-20-03: All Operators; All Superintendent (Process)
$129Online Registration Here
5/5/2021Chloramines - Potable Water Disinfection With A Different Twist
TRE 5131-12-06: All Operators (Process)
$129Online Registration Here
5/6/2021Emerging Infectious Diseases and the Public Utility
TRE 5614-14-12: All Operators, All Superintendents (Non-Process)
$129Online Registration Here
5/11/2021Meeting Nutrient (Phosphorous & Nitrogen) Removal Standards
TRE 4854-10-12: WW All, IWW All (Process)
$129Online Registration Here
5/11/2021Basic Wastewater Process Math
TRE 6899-20-12-O; All Operators (Process)
$129Online Registration Here
5/13/2021Safe Drinking Water Act- Federal Regulations
TRE 3830-06-09: WT 1-5 & G; WD; Superintendents WD (Process)
$129Online Registration Here
5/18/2021Effective Particle / Turbidity Removal at Water and Wastewater Treatment Facilities
TRE 6163-17-06: All WT, All WW, WD, IWW (Process)
$129Online Registration Here
5/19/2021Sources and Treatment of Water
TRE 5339-13-02: WT All; WD (Process)
$129Online Registration Here
5/25/2021NPDES Permit Reporting
TRE 6027-17-01: All Operators, All Superintendents (Process)
$129Online Registration Here
5/27/2021Water and Wastewater Utility Leaders
TRE 6668-19-11-A: All Operators; All Superintendents (Non-Process)
$129Online Registration Here
6/1/2021Basic and Enhanced Nutrient Removal
TRE 4073-07-07: WW All; IW All (Process)
$129Online Registration Here
6/2/2021Activated Sludge Process Control
TRE 1176-95-02: WW 3, 5; IWW 5 (Process)
$129Online Registration Here
6/8/2021Introduction to Membrane and Fluoridation Technologies
TRE 4072-07-07 All Operators (Process)
$129Online Registration Here
6/9/2021Plant Optimization
TRE 5704-15-04: All Operators, All Superintendents (Process)
$129Online Registration Here
6/10/2021Unidirectional Flushing Program Design
TRE 2456-02-04: WT All; WD (Non-Process)
$129Online Registration Here
6/16/2021How to Prevent a Catastrophic Event
TRE 5703-15-04: All Operators, All Superintendents (Process)
$129Online Registration Here
6/22/2021Optimization of Activated Sludge and Fixed Film ENR Processes through Automation
TRE 6368-18-05: All WW; WC; IWW (Process)
$129Online Registration Here
6/23/2021Activated Sludge - Evolution to Nitrogen Removal
TRE 5906-16-05: All WW; IWW 5, 6, and 7 (Process)
$129Online Registration Here
6/24/2021BNR to Enhanced Nutrient Removal
TRE 4074-07-07: WW All; IWW All (Process)
$129Online Registration Here
6/30/2021Hypochlorite Disinfection
TRE 5456-13-11: All Operators (Process)
$129Online Registration Here