Our TA effort may include assistance in the following areas:

  • Developing comprehensive process control programs for WWTP's including ENR facilities.
  • Troubleshooting O&M (operation & maintenance) problems affecting plant performance.
  • Providing O&M input relating to plans for upgrading the WWTP.
  • Reviewing NPDES permit requirements and assisting with permit renewals.
  • Assistance developing a PM (preventive maintenance) program for the WWTP and collection system.
  • Assistance developing critical SOP's.
  • Evaluating chemical feed systems for cost effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Assistance evaluating adequate staffing to match the requirements of the facility.
  • Assistance with laboratory procedures.
  • Working with utility staff and management to develop a shared understanding of the responsibilities of all parties to insure consistent compliance with regulatory requirements.


Town of Federalsburg Wastewater Treatment Plant

The Town of Federalsburg’s wastewater treatment plant is a 4-stage Bardenpho process which was upgraded from a Trickling Filter in 2009. It is designed for an average daily flow of 0.750 MGD. When the upgraded WWTP was put on line, MCET was requested to provide technical assistance (TA) in order to assist the Town staff in adjusting to a new ENR process. TA included assisting in developing a comprehensive process control program as well as working with Town staff to interpret data and make appropriate process adjustments.

Over the years the plant has generally performed well and MCET maintained contact with O&M staff to provide periodic TA when requested as specific treatment issues came up.

Working in the WWTP lab

The Town had hired a private O&M contract operations firm to provide supervision of the utilities but decided to return to Town staff operations in 2019. As part of their transition to take back responsibility for O&M of this facility, the Town again requested TA from MCET to assist with the transition.

MCET has been providing input to the overall process control test program as well as assisting with decision making relating to process adjustments in order to insure consistent performance in meeting permit limits particularly relating to nutrient goals.

Town of Federalsburg

To request assistance:

If you are interested in this program, preparing or going through an upgrade and would like our assistance, please download an assistance form (blue button below) and e-mail it to MCET at info@mcet.org. This program is funded by the Maryland Department of the Environment for qualified facilities. 

Wastewater Technical Assistance Request Form (PDF)



Town of Hurlock

MCET has a long history of providing technical assistance to the Town of Hurlock WWTP, starting in 2006 when the present ENR facility went on line. This plant is a 4-stage Bardenpho process designed to treat an average daily flow of 1.65MGD. The facility started up in 2006 to replace an existing lagoon system with spray irrigation. Obviously, this change provided a major challenge to the operations staff. The Town requested TA from MCET in order to develop a comprehensive process control program and become familiar with the intricacies of operating a new state of the art facility to meet extremely tight ENR nutrient limits. MCET worked with the Superintendent and O&M staff to develop this program and provided input relating to process adjustments in order to optimize plant performance.  Over the years, this plant has performed extremely well and for a number of years was able to achieve levels of effluent quality to qualify for MDE’s O&M grant funds. MCET responded to periodic requests for TA as needed for specific issues during this period.

Town of Hurlock

Well over 50% of the flow to the Town’s plant comes from industry in Town. The majority of that flow is provided by a poultry processing plant. Recently this industry upgraded their pre-treatment facility to add an equalization basin followed by a biological treatment process in order to consistently meet their pre-treatment permit. This upgrade changed the characteristics of the influent to the Town’s facility, specifically with respect to BOD, TKN, and NO3.  The Town again requested TA from MCET in order to evaluate the impact of these changes and provide input to the plant Superintendent relating to appropriate process adjustments to enable the facility to continue to meet all permit limits particularly those related to nutrient goals.

Presently the plant is meeting all performance goals and working closely with industry to monitor any changes in their discharge into the Town’s collection system.

Town of Hurlock