Course Handouts

5 Common-Sense Practices of Well-Run Water/Wastewater Facilities

Aeration of Activated Sludge, BNR and ENR Processes
Basic Microscopy for Wastewater Operators
BNR to Enhanced Nutrient Removal
Chemical Treatment
Chlorination Technology
Coagulation, Flocculation, Sedimentation, and Filtration
Collection Systems Operation and Maintenance
Concepts of Drinking Water Treatment
Concepts of Wastewater Treatment -  Certification Exam Prep
Conversion or Removal of Nitrogen From Sewage
Crisis Management for Public Utilities
Disinfection through Chlorination
Effective Conflict Resolution: the Operator and Superintendent

Excavation Safety

OSHA Fact Sheet
OSHA Trenching and Excavation Safety
Safety Checklist
Trench Safety - Toolbox Talks
Excavation Checklist

First Line Supervisor
How to Prevent a Catastrophic Event to Your Water Or Wastewater System
Hypochlorite Disinfection
Instrumentation and Controls - Basics
Introduction to Membrane and Fluoridation Technologies
Leading the Millennials
Legal Liability
Maximizing Success
Mechanical Maintenance and the Operator
Operation of Sequencing Batch Reactors For Nutrient Removal
Optimization of Activated Sludge And Fixed Film Enr Processes Through Automation
Phosphorus Removal
Plant Optimization

Preliminary Treatment Processes for Wastewater

Math Worksheet

Preventing Workplace Violence

Conflict Management Style
Statistics Handout
Statistics Presentation

Process and Performance Troubleshooting

Selector Setup
Hadleyville Case Study
Hadleyville 2020 Review

Process Control for Operators

Selector Setup
Process Performance Standards
Skill Set Survey
Workgroup Problem Number 7
Workgroup Problem Number 8

Public Utility Leader

Safe Drinking Water Act -  Federal Regulations



SCADA for Water and Wastewater Operations

Screening Water and Wastewater for Safety, Security, and Toxicity

Solids Handling

Case Study

Sources and Treatment of Water
Tips and Tools for 21st Century Process Monitoring
Troubleshooting Pumps

Water and Wastewater Chemical Feed Applications and Process Control

Periodic Table
Math Review
Ferric Chloride SDS
Math Worksheet

Water Treatment - Chlorine Use and Safety
Well System Operation and Maintenance
Working Across Generations
Course handout
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